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Our Approach

Our firm exists to help clients achieve their strategic business goals by improving their ability to attract, motivate, and retain their key leaders. To this end, we:

  • Design creative and effective executive compensation solutions;

  • Orient our clients in current and developing regulatory issues;

  • Provide independent advice to Boards of Directors; and

  • Deliver unparalleled attention, service, and quality to our clients.

Compensation Strategies' services focus solely on executive and board pay. Our extensive experience allows us to bring the practical knowledge of what does and does not work in specific circumstances. We do not simply apply current "best practices" to all situations. Instead, we assist clients with the development of alternatives to meet their unique needs. Our approach emphasizes program designs that are creative but also workable for a particular client.

Compensation Strategies does not consult in other human resources areas (such as broad-based employee benefit design and outsourcing), and we do not sell or leverage products (such as life insurance). This allows us to be truly independent in advising Boards of Directors on executive compensation matters.

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